Periwinkle Dreams

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Just a little dream blog. I have so many strange ones.

Tiger Lily


When I was maybe… five or six years old, I had an awesome dream that I got invited to and attended Tiger Lily’s birthday party. I was so excited about it. It had everything. This is Tiger Lily we’re talking about, here. Probably the best birthday party I’ve ever been to, obviously.

I was so excited about it that when I woke up I told my mom all about it, thinking that it had actually happened. We had recently watched Hook, and she informed me that I had only dreamed the birthday party of the century.

…What? I only dreamed the most awesome thing that has clearly ever happened in my short life? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo…..

This, of course, was absolutely devastating to young me, and therefore I proceeded to cry my little eyes out.


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